About Us

Molly Evans

 Savory & Sweet Specialties is run by Chef / Owner Molly Evans.  Molly is an alumnus of Kendall College’s School of Culinary Arts.  She is a member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association ,United States Personal Chef Association,  and also a certified safe food handler.  Molly started her culinary adventures at a young age learning from her Mother and Grandmother.   Some of her earliest cooking memories are making homemade ice cream, cream puffs, and chocolates at her family’s cottage in Michigan.   Molly first started “formal” culinary training at the age of 10 when she took a “cooking for kids” class and promptly went home and prepared her first dinner for her family.   It was spaghetti and meatballs with everything (including the pasta!) made from scratch. 
She didn’t follow a traditional chef’s career by working in a restaurant.  Instead she earned a business degree from Indiana University and spent several years in consulting.   Although she was part of the corporate world she was always looking for opportunities to expand her culinary skills and thought for many years about how to turn her enthusiasm for food and cooking into a career.   

Molly spent many evenings and weekends fulfilling her culinary passion: cooking for others, hosting parties, taking cooking classes, and reading cookbooks and cooking magazines.   Finally, she decided to pursue her dream and enrolled in culinary school.   At Kendall, Molly was trained in classic cooking skills and techniques.   She also had advanced training in Italian, French, and Chinese cuisine.   She also excelled in the areas of nutrition, food and wine pairing, and recipe development.   

Molly found she knew too many people who ate cereal for dinner and whose only culinary experience revolves around microwaves.  She decided on a personal chef career because she wanted a way to bring people back to the dinner table and show them how simple good food can be.

As a personal chef since 2004, Molly loves planning all types of menus, parties, and private cooking classes.  She wants to bring you and your family back to the dinner table where you will enjoy delicious meals without all the work.   Contact Molly today to begin your Savory & Sweet experience!