Personal Chef Services

 How Does a Personal Chef Work?  A Personal Chef Will...
Interview you to determine your special cooking wishes and needs

Create a menu for your approval

Shop for all groceries and work with local stores to ensure the freshest possible ingredients

Prepare meals in your kitchen

Provide all necessary cooking supplies

Package, label, and store your meals with heating instructions

Clean up and remove any evidence of cooking except for the aroma of freshly prepared meals!                                    

Private Parties

 Always wanted to entertain but don’t know what to serve, much less how to prepare it?   Enjoy your party as much as your guests do by hiring a personal chef!   A personal chef will work with you on a custom menu and then prepare the dishes in your kitchen.  We can arrange to personally serve your guests or prepare dishes ahead of time and let you take all the credit!

Clients that have used our private party service rave that they turned out to be the best parties they ever had! 

Cooking Lessons

 Do you like to cook but just do not know how to improve your skills?  We can help with in-home cooking lessons!  We will work with you on what your learning goals are and the types of foods you would like to make.   We will bring all the groceries and cooking supplies and teach you how to create culinary delights!   Invite your friends, serve some wine, and make a party out of it!